Quantitative Ability_Averages07/07/2015

In a hotel, the average expenditure works out to be Rs. 60 per guest for a group 5 guests and Rs. 45 per guest for a group of 10 guests. It is also known that there is fixed expense for a group (which remains the same) irrespective of the number of guests then the average expenditure per guest when there are 15 guests will be?

A] 40

B] 45

C] 60

D] 75

Quantitative Ability_Averages07/07/2015

There are 5 compartments in a train which carries on an average of 10 passengers per compartment. If at least 4 passengers were sitting in each compartment and no compartment have equal number of passengers then maximum how many passengers can be accommodated in any compartment?

A] 24

B] 28

C] 26

D] 29

Quantitative Ability_Averages07/07/2015

Ten years ago, the ages of the members of a joint family of eight people added up to be 231 years. Three years later, one member died at the age of 60 years and a child was born during the same year. After another three years, one more member died, again at 60, and a child was born during the same year. The current average age of this eight-member joint family is nearest to?

A] 23 years

B] 22 years

C] 21 years

D] 24 years

Quantitative Ability_Averages07/07/2015

3 years ago the average age of a husband, his wife and his son was 27 years and that of his wife and son 5 years ago was 20 yrs .What is the husband’s present age?

A] 35 yrs

B] 32 yrs

C] 40 yrs

D] 37 yrs

Quantitative Ability_Averages07/07/2015

The average marks obtained by 120 candidates were 35. If the average of the passed candidates was 39 and that of the failed candidates was 15, then the number of candidates who passed the examination was

A] 100

B] 110

C] 120

D] 150