Quantitative Ability_Partnership08/07/2015

A man divided Rs. 770 among Richa, Natasha, Sona such that Richa receives 2/9th of what Natasha and Sona together receive. Then Richa’s share is___ ?

A] Rs. 140

B] Rs. 154

C] Rs.  165

D] Rs. 170

Quantitative Ability_Partnership08/07/2015

A sum of Rs. 370 is to be divided among Prashant(P), Maninder(M), Atish(A)  such that P’s share/ M’s share = M’s share/ A’s share = ¾ . Then P’s share is ___ ?

A] Rs. 240

B] Rs. 120

C] Rs. 100

D] Rs. 90

Quantitative Ability_Partnership08/07/2015

The monthly income of the two people is in the ratio of 4:5 and their monthly expenditures are in the ratio of 7: 9 .If each saves Rs. 50 a month, then what are their incomes ?

A] Rs. 100, Rs. 125

B] Rs. 200, Rs. 250

C] Rs. 300, Rs. 375

D] Rs. 400, Rs. 500

Quantitative Ability_Partnership08/07/2015

If Rs. 1066 are divided among A,B,C  and D such that A:B =3:4,B:C=5:6 and C:D = 7:5 , who will get the maximum ?

1] B

2] A

3] C

4] D

Quantitative Ability_Partnership08/07/2015

Three partners invested capitals in the ratio 2:7:9.The time period for which each of them invested was in the ratio of the reciprocals of the amount invested .Find the share of the partner who brought in the highest capital, if the profit is Rs. 1080.

A] Rs. 120

B] Rs. 360

C] Rs. 540

D] Rs. 420